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If you could not find a Spear gun to you liking, feel free to contact us. It is very possible we can order the gun of your Spearo dreams directly from our supplier and have it mailed directly to your door step in just a few days.  Each of our product descriptions offer a great deal of information that should help you decide which gun is best for you. We address the size you will need, which reel, and we always offer our help if you are not sure which one is best for your needs.


What Brands do you currently carry?

spearguns for sale

Currently we carry Omer spearguns in our store. They are considered to be some of the best on the market today. The reason for this is that are underwater hunters who specialize in producing spearfishing equipment. Unlike many other companies, they ONLY cater to the underwater spearfishing market and as a result have some of the best gear for the sport.  They frequently research and develop their equipment. All their designs come from customer needs, not the cheapest method of producing large quality of goods.  As a result, we have fallen in love with their brand and will always support them anyway we can.

 What size or length should you consider getting?

The length of your speargun depends entirely on your needs. Similar to golf clubs, many underwater hunters will own a handful of different guns for various conditions.  It is not uncommon for underwater hunters to check their local water conditions before going to their favorite fishing spot out or bring a few different guns with them.

Before purchasing one, you should take the following into consideration:

What are the water conditions like in your area?

The biggest determining factor of what gun you should buy is the water visibility.  If you choose to hunt in an area with poor water “vis,” (i.e inshore or lake hunting) you will want a shorter gun. However, if you plan on hunting in a area where you can see very far, (i.e open water or the Caribbean) you most likely will want a longer gun.

When should you use a shorter gun?

If you plan on hunting in an area where the water visibility is very poor you should get a gun that is around 55cm to 90 cm (1.8 feet to 3 feet) in length.   The reason for this you do not want your weapon to extended beyond your visual boundaries.  For example if you are hunting in water conditions that has around 5 feet of visibility, you would not want a gun that is 6 feet long.   You cannot shoot what you cannot see and you want to leave some space between you and the fish. After all, you do not want to scare the fish away by sticking a speargun in their face before shooting them.

What about reef hunting? 

When you are reef hunting most prefer a shorter gun. One that is around 75cm  to 100cm (2.5 to 3.2 feet) in length.  Depending on your hunting style, most find longer guns in this environment to be a bit awkward and get in the way.

When should you use a longer gun?

When you hunt offshore or have A LONG RANGE of visibility  is when you typically want a longer gun.  By longer we mean 120cm+ (4 feet+) in length.   Since you will be in an area with lots of space, you will be able to skillfully maneuver longer gear. With its added length, you will be given more power and will be able to shoot the bigger fish that reside in these areas.

What about if you want a shorter gun that has a lot of power? 

If you want a shorter gun that has a lot of power, pneumatic spearguns would be one of the best choices for you. Typicallly that are shorter than band guns, but they are A LOT more powerful.  For example with a pneumatic that is around 100cm, you could easily reel in a 100 pound fish.  With a band gun of that size, you will find it challanging to catch larger fish.

Another alternative would be to use muti band guns. The Omer Caymen ET is available in double band sizes.


What about if you are just starting out, but want to use a shorter gun in open water?

We do not recommend getting “hung up” on buying the perfect length or size the first time you buy a speargun. The most important thing is to get started.   As your style and skill set develops, your speargun needs will grow too. When you are in open water or in a place with larger fish, you can certainly use a shorter gun. Just do not plan on bringing home 100+ pound fish.

Even in open water habitats, their are still plenty of smaller fish for you to hunt and bring home for dinner.

Is there anything else I need to consider before you decide to click the buy Speargun button?

Like any consumer product with the word “gun” in the title you should take into account your local laws. In many countries, such as the Bahamas, they are not legal. Generally speaking, you should also take into account where and what type of fish you are hunting.  For example, reef and hunting in waters with low visibility you would want a shorter gun (around 75cm,) whereas in open waters with much clearer visibility you should arm yourself with a longer gun. All of our product descriptions will tell you exactly what size and what type of fish you can except to hunt.

We are not responsible for violating any laws in your local state, country, or place you plan on traveling too. Always check with authorities before making a purchase from us.

What if you have questions?

If you have any issues regarding our spearfishing gear, you are more than welcome to email us with any questions.  Another great place to check out is our Spearfishing Resources Guide, where we list a number of articles we have written to help answers your questions.  Another article that is not written by us is located here.