Why shop at JustSpearfishing.com?

JustSpearfishing.com is owned and operated by Scott Moses, a passionate watermen with a love of Spearfishing.   Scott’s goal is to create a site that will help you and his fellow Spearo’s select the best gear for their underwater needs, not sell you “just anything” for the sake of making a sale.


Our Mission:

The Spearfishing market is growing fast and lots of bigger company’s are jumping in this area in hopes of making a quick buck. Our mission is to give you the information you need to make an intelligence purchase to catch more fish and serve a  bigger dinner to your friends for dinner.  Not get you in the door by selling you a spear pole and later up sell you with a boating supplies you want nothing to do with.

Where larger stores carry everything and anything that has to do with fishing and Scuba diving, we only carry Spearfishing equipment and freediving gear.  This way we can keep our staff small, informed, and help you get the gear you need.

This way the sport of Spearfishing and continue to grow and a new generation of Spearo’s will keep their belly full of fish.

Below is a bunch of questions we are often asked:

Are you looking for  Spearguns for sale?

If so, you certainly came to the right place.  At the moment we mainly carry Omer’s entire line of Spearguns and can deliver any them directly to your door.  This includes all their Pneumatic, Enclosed track, Camouflaged, and just about anything else you can think of.  All of our spearguns for sale can be found here and feel free to contact us if you need help or cannot find what you like.


Spearfishing fins

The type of Spearfishing fins that we currently carry are C4 fins, which are carbon fiber fins and are the most well known brand in the Spearfishing/freediving market today.  Ever since 1994 they have been innovating the best technology on the market and we highly recommend them.

 Spearfishing wetsuits

Not all of of are lucky enough to live in the warmer waters of Hawaii or simply prefer to suit before jumping in. We currently carry Omer wetsuits and all our spearfishing wetsuits can be found here.  They range from 3mm thickness up to 7mm. The 3mm will be fine for spring temperatures, but for winter type weather you should consider the 5mm and possibility 7mm suits for extreme conditions.

What brands do you carry?

Currently we carry Omer Spearfishing gear for sale.  We highly recommend their products and enjoy working with them. They are one of the few companies that truly care about the sport and make gear that will bring your spearo skills to the next level.